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Salud: Health Action Plan

Welcome to Salud!

You are here because you want to change certain aspects of your health-related lifestyle, and we are happy to have you!


We will work together toward four goals:


  • Increasing awareness of health habits

  • Improving our functional movement

  • Sleeping better

  • Being more mindful 


The focus is to improve your health through a blend of being more health conscious, proper functional movement, building a quality sleep routine, and reinforcing these habits with resilience training through mindfulness.

Reaching Goals Together

To achieve all of our goals, we will follow our 9 week Salud program.  Guidance will be provided once a week for the next 9 weeks, then once a month, you'll receive access to a maintenance program.


Research shows that reaching your health behavior goals will significantly reduce your risk of preventable diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. You will move and feel better. Your health and your life will improve!


We are aware that at first glance, an 9 week program might seem excessively long. However, when the goal is changing behaviors and ultimately lifestyle factors, It is important to take the necessary steps, in a specific order, to allow for continual progress and growth.  The achievement of mini-goals influence short-term goals, which in turn help you move towards bigger, more lofty goals.  In time, we will have taken enough small steps and reached enough intermediate term goals to really make a difference towards our overall long-term wellbeing.

Reducing the incidence and prevalence of preventable disease has been a high priority agenda item for public health officials across the glove for decades. Still, the prevalence is just as high and the incidence is still rising. Before we take any step towards changing individual behaviors, lifestyles, and health, we must start by shifting how we manage our health.

The foundation of the Salud program is functional movement.  All the activities you enjoy have an impact on your physical activity, our corrective exercises enhance the quality and quantity of activity you achieve each week, by ensuring that your musculoskeletal system is working in sync and at lower risk of injury.   


As we incorporate functional movement to increase our physical activity, we begin to build the strategies and foundation to tackle improving the quality nightly sleep we receive. 


Sleep is more than the actions we take right before bed, we take a "whole day" approach and thinking about sleep as something we work all day using different strategies at our disposal to ultimately get a quality nights rest. 


From here we shift from sleep to our focus on a mindful approach to help build the resilience and perseverance necessary to make these long-lasting changes. 

What To Expect

Over the course of the next 9 weeks, we will focus on daily and weekly tasks to build the toolbox necessary for you to become a proactive member of your health.  Although Salud is meant to provide you with the opportunities and strategies to live healthier, what you get out of the guidance will only be enhanced by the effort you put in.  Just as in holding your bitcoin, you are solely responsible for the effort you take in protecting your health.  

Program Objectives

Salud: Health Action Plan

  • Increasing awareness of health habits

  • Improving our functional movement 

  • Sleeping better

  • Being more mindful ​

Week 1: Hip Health
  • Bonus: 150 Minutes
Week 2: Back Health
  • Bonus: Intensity
Week 3: Knee Health
  • Bonus: Variability
Week 4: Sleep Basics
  • Bonus: Start to Finish
Week 5: Improve Sleep
  • Bonus: Cycle
Week 6: Sleep Routine​
  • Bonus: Purpose
Week 7 – Breathing
  • Bonus – Simplifying 
Week 8 – Meditation
  • Bonus – Saying No
Week 9 – Ritual
  • Bonus – Digital Detox
Take the next steps

We know you are busy and bitcoin is scarce, but we also know 20-30 minutes spent on your health a day IS attainable and still offers tangible benefits while establishing positive practices.  Our hope is that satoshis spent on your salud today, with a lowered time preference, can make a lasting impact on your health during your bitcoin journey.  Pay with Bitcoin Lightning Network to continue with your health journey and access the rest of the Salud program.

Salud: Health Action Plan
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Length: 9 Weeks
Current Price: 46,000 sats
Week 1: Move

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“An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin