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Salud Sats: Pricing Model

Our belief on price

Because we understand that the price of USD is volatile, our program will be pegged to ~$4 USD using a Global Average Price using the price open of each month, let’s call it a volatility adjustment.  Programs will remain priced for the entirety of the month. 



January 1, 2020:

Bitcoin Price = 7,165 USD

Sats per USD = 13,957

Sats per USD x 4 USD = 55,828


Salud price = 55,000 satoshis


February 1, 2020:

Bitcoin Price = 9,340 USD

Sats per USD = 10,706

Sats per USD x 4 USD = 42,827


Salud price = 42,000 satoshis

We believe that our programs provide you with the tools needed to be an active participant in your health and reduce your risk of disease.  Therefore, our hope is that the value Salud brings extends to a lifetime of exploring ways to improve one's health, but not one that is a recurring expense.  Of course, we will always be adding new Health Action Plans, so don’t forget to check back. You can always stay up-to-date below.  

Check Historical Price

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We are here to support you through your bitcoin journey, so please reach out to saludsats@protonmail.com with questions, comments or feedback on the program and your experience.