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Salud: Knee Health

Welcome to Week 3 of Salud: Move!

The knee is a relatively simple, yet vital joint, so it is important to look at what causes problems, and just why pain is so common here. The new information given in this session will help further your awareness of your feet and ankles, as well as illustrate the connection to the knees and overall posture. 


This is the last week of the 3 week challenge, it is important to take the 2 previous weeks into account as you put together this 3 week routine.  As a reminder, these corrective exercises are great tools to have as either a supplement to your current exercise/physical activity routine or for pain management.

Did you know?

Download the 3-week Movement program in PDF to view on the go. 

  • Posture puts stress on our joints through tension on ligaments and friction to cartilage.

  • The knee is the second lowest major joint in the body, making it more susceptible to weight and stress.

  • Every additional pound (lb.) above a healthy weight adds 4 lbs. of pressure to the knee.

Weekly Objective
  • A complex hinge: Discussing mechanisms of knee function.

  • Identifying the presence of common knee conditions.

  • Assessing the condition of your knees.

  • Reiterate that training muscle groups to be better coordinated can help correct issues at the knee joint itself.

A Complex Hinge

Your knees absorb a huge amount of pressure with every step — typically one-and-a-half times your body weight. That pressure, plus regular wear and tear, takes a toll over time. Muscles and ligaments get weaker. The knee's two shock absorbers — pads of cartilage called menisci — start to deteriorate. So does the articular cartilage protecting the ends of the leg bones where they meet at the knee. If you have a family history of osteoarthritis, if you're overweight, or if you've had some knee injuries, you may be more prone to this deterioration.


When the cartilage is gone, the bones rub against each other, and you end up with pain, stiffness, and swelling.


This week we will focus on Knee health, but also dive deeper than knee health because they react to what your hips and ankles are doing.  This will be geared towards feet problems (flat feet, excessive arches) because they are connected with how your knee and hips work. As you noticed in Week 2, spine health, also helped with shoulder positions.  After completing knee health in Week 3, it puts the whole puzzle together. Complete everyday, consistency and persistence is key!

Exercise Prescription

Exercise Prescription (Rx) – Perform exercises 5x this week and notate anything you notice in your body during the exercise (tight muscles, stiffness, pain, fatigue, different feeling on one side vs. the other, etc.)


Exercise Prescription Document – Knee Health Routine PDF  


Week 2 Assessment Survey – After completing Week 2 Exercise Prescription for the Spine, help us improve the program by completing the Week 2 assessment survey.

Bonus Task
Thank you for participating in Move! by Salud Sats. 

We hope the program has been able to help you in some way, whether that is by helping you decrease chronic pain or by helping you understand the importance of posture in your everyday life.  


Remember, a posture issue indicates a muscle imbalance. For example, if one shoulder is higher or your feet point out those are indications that there is a posture issue. Muscle imbalances cause issues such as inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain and bone on bone. But you don’t have to live with it and it is not because you are getting old. There is help if you are willing to make the commitment to getting help. 


Fix the imbalance and your body will move better and feel better. You need to move to be healthy and if chronic pain is limiting you from doing the things you love to do you need to address it specifically with posture focused therapy to get you back to moving better and feeling better.


Post-Assessment Survey - Help us improve the program by completing the post-assessment surveys. 


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