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Salud: Hip Health

Welcome to Week 1 of the Salud: Move!

Pain has been redefined as an experience, not just something you feel. As such, everyone experiences pain differently. During this challenge, you are going to learn how posture and stress lead to pain and how to alleviate it. Before you can change anything, you must first learn to understand the problem and gain awareness of what it takes to fix it. This introductory lesson focuses on building awareness and taking the first steps towards better posture and less pain.

Download the 3-week Movement program in PDF to view on the go. 

You Might Not Know

  • Causes of pain around the hip joint may be intra-articular, extra-articular, or referred pain from neighboring structures, such as sacroiliac joint, spine, symphysis pubis, or the inguinal canal.

  • Explaining the importance of posture and your hips.

  • Learn how improving hip function can dramatically improve posture and alleviate pain in other areas of the body.      

  • Perform exercises that will balance and improve the structure and function of your hips, gluteus, and spinal muscles.

Weekly Objective
Hips and Posture

Why is posture so important? If you have bad posture, it means you have a muscular imbalance.  Chronic musculoskeletal issues can be attributed to bad posture. We are looking at hip alignment, foot alignment, and knee alignment put together in this program. Better posture and better muscle balance can improve functionality and reduce pain, better balancing your muscles.  Regardless of if work or play, musculoskeletal issues can impact your everyday life. If you can’t golf because your back hurts or engage in physical activity because your knees hurt this will impact your quality of life. In week one we will focus on hip health, back health in week two, and we finish with knee health in week 3.  When we look at how the whole body works, the hips are the foundation of the spine that supports your head and neck.

Your Weekly Task

Exercise Prescription (Rx) – Perform exercises 5x this week and notate in your log anything you notice in your body during the exercise (tight muscles, stiffness, pain, fatigue, different feeling on one side vs. the other, etc.)

For week 1, set aside 20-25 minutes each day to formally practice your corrective exercises. Follow the attached corrective exercises prescribed for hip health, focusing on the sequence of the exercises and the noting how your body reacts. Continue to practice your exercises throughout the week, using them to supplement your current physical activity or even as your sole activity.  


Exercise Prescription (Rx) – Hip Routine PDF 

*If you’ve had a previous injury or have any other medical concerns, consult a qualified healthcare professional before participating in the Salud Sats: Move! program. 

Bonus Task - 150 Minutes

How much activity do you need? 

Static Back - 5 Minutes

• Lie on your back with legs up over a block/chair bent at 90 degrees 

• Place arms straight out palms up. 

• Relax your legs shoulders and back.

Static Back Knee Pillow Squeezes 1 set of 40

• Lie on your back with you legs over a block or chair knees bent at 90 degrees 

• Place you arms straight out with your palms up 

• Squeeze and release a 6” block between the knees at about 75% max effort

Static Back Abductor Presses 1 set of 40 

• Lie on you back with legs over block or chair with knees bent at 90 degrees 

• Place strap around lower thighs 

• Press out and release on strap

Knee Drops 1 set of 20 

• Lie on back with knees up and feet flat on the floor, feet hip width apart and pointing straight ahead 

• Let knees drop to one side and then lift the knees back off the floor and drop to the other side.

Assisted Hip Lift Position - 1 minute each side 

• Lie on back with knees bent, feet hip width apart pointing straight ahead 

• Cross ankle on opposite knee. 

• Try to push the crossed over knee away from your body using your hip muscle

Assisted Hip Lift Position - 1 minute each side 

• Lie on back with knees bent at 90 degrees and feet hip width apart pointed straight up the wall. 

• Cross one ankle on the opposite knee trying to push that knee away from your body using your hip muscles. 

• Keep hips on floor. Do not let butt raise up. 

• Do not let fleet splay on wall keep them straight and pointed up the wall 

Hip Crossover - 1 minute each side

• Lie on you back with legs over block or chair with knees bent at 90 degrees 

• Place strap around lower thighs 

• Press out and release on strap

Cats and Dogs - 1 set of 10

• Start on hands and knees 

• Arch back up like a cat while tucking hips inward, and bring head down tucking chin to chest. 

• Then go in the opposite directions bringing the head up and the back down allowing shoulder blades to collapse together. 

• Repeat up and down. 

• Do not bend elbows 

• Do not allow shoulder or hips to shift forward or backwards of hands or knees.

Static Extension Position - 1 minute each side 

• Start on knees and elbows with hips slightly in front on knees. 

• Arch back DOWN creating a sway back look. 

• Roll hips down so butt is up in air 

• Drop head and let shoulder blades collapse together, pull forearms apart pivoting at elbows.

Kneeling Groin Stretch - 1 minute each side

• Kneel down on the floor with on foot trailing behind you. 

• Place front foot on the floor so it is flat and knee is bent at 90 degrees 

• Put hands on bent knee, keeping the upper body straight up and shoulders back. 

• Try to move your hips forward without leaning your torso forward.

Sitting Knee Pillow Squeezes - 1 set of 40

• Sit on the front of the chair with ankles directly under the knees, feet pointed straight ahead and knees hip-width apart. 

• Roll hips forward creating a curve in low back. 

• Squeeze and release 6” block between knees. 

• Keep head looking forward and shoulders pulled back.

Air Bench - 1 minute

• Sitting against wall with knees slightly bent about 90 degrees, heels in front of your knees slightly. 

• Feet and knees are hip-width apart and pointing straight ahead, push low back into the wall and keeping the pressure in the heels not in toes. 

• Relax shoulders, neck, and hands.

Post-Assessment Survey
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Week 2

Post-Assessment Survey

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