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Salud: Movement 

Welcome to Salud: Move!

When traditional treatments fail, many people with chronic pain resign themselves to living with the pain, but chronic pain is not a disease! Chronic pain can be eliminated to give you a full and functional life again.


The fundamental concept of the human body is that muscles move bones.  Many times the place where you are feeling the pain is not the source of the problem. For example, if you have knee pain it might be because your knee is not tracking correctly and this causes wearing, which causes it to break down. So by re-aligning your hip, knee and ankle with muscle education, it can stop the wearing and deterioration and help the pain go away.  We can apply this concept to all chronic pain to transform your life.


This welcome and introduction sets the stage for the upcoming 3 weeks of Move! Details about the challenge, video and pdf instructions on the weekly lessons, and an exercise prescription will be included in each weekly module.  

You might not know

Download the 3-week Movement program in PDF to view on the go. 

  • 100 million Americans live with treatable, chronic pain.

  • Nagging pain and joint aches are the leading cause of missed work nationally.

  • Chronic pain accounts for over 45% of all disability claims.

Your Weekly Behavior

Exercise Prescription (Rx) – Perform the weekly exercises 5x each week and notate anything you notice in your body during the exercise (tight muscles, stiffness, pain, fatigue, different feeling on one side vs. the other, etc.).  The sequence is important, this program will focus on the hips, followed by the spine and knees.

Week 1: Hip Health
Bonus: 150 minutes
Week 2: Back Health
Bonus: Intensity
Week 3: Knee Health
Bonus: Variability
Take the next steps

We know you are busy and bitcoin is scarce, but we also know 20-25 minutes spent on your corrective exercises a day IS attainable and offers tangible benefits for proper functional movement.  Our hope is that sats spent on your salud today, with a lowered time preference, can make a lasting impact on your health during your bitcoin journey.  The first section of Salud will build a foundation for the entirety of the program, starting with your Hips. Salud!

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Length: 3 Weeks

We are here to support you on your bitcoin journey, so please reach out to saludsats@protonmail.com with questions, comments or feedback on the program and your experience. Download the program PDF or save the site URL to access program anywhere you go!

Download Salud: Move! here.  You can find the complete 9-Week Salud: Health Action Plan here. 

URL: salud.com/move