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2. Learn more about the Salud: Action Plan and determine if you'd find value in the program.

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What to Expect

Salud: Action Plan consists of 4 Phases: Movement, Sleep, Resilience, & Maintenance.  

Each phase has a focus Behavior with Weekly Tasks aimed to develop the skills and tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle.  Assessments are incorporated into each Weekly Lesson to encourage you to dive deeper into understanding your functional health.

Weekly Tasks

Each week you will a weekly lesson delivered to your inbox, this lesson includes details on the Health Behavior, a Weekly Task, and a Bonus Task.  These small behaviors help to build a toolbox of strategies that can improve your overall health and wellbeing.  

Health Behaviors

Salud puts a focus on 4 health behaviors we believe are fundamental to the development of disease prevention strategies.  These behaviors are attributed to many of the underlying health conditions that are so common today.  By developing a firm foundation for your health to build on (your body), you will be able to move better, sleep better, and be more resilience in the face of an aging body (hey, we are aging from the day we are born).    


Learn more about how Health Behaviors impact our health. 

Salud: Action Plan


Salud: Action Plan

Length: 12 Weeks

Price: 41,000 sats

Our Pilot is currently CLOSED.  Enter email to be notified when it becomes available.

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